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Mark Kemp

Kemp Financial Services

About Mark Kemp

Mark Kemp is a Financial Planner in Corpus Christi, Texas, who is passionate about instilling basic finance skills in others and helping empower them to take control of their financial futures. 

In his career, Mark Kemp is Financial Advisor and Registered Representative through McNally Financial Services Corporation in Corpus Christi, Texas. Here, his specialty involves working with professionals, business owners, and individuals alike in the fields of retirement plan strategies, investment management, life insurance planning, financial planning, college planning, business planning, and asset protection strategies. He enjoys working with his clients to help them meet their financial goals and needs and retire comfortably. One of Mark’s favorite aspects of the job is being able to show clients who were told that they could only achieve a certain amount financially that their potential is much higher than they believed. He takes an incredibly client-centric approach to his work, building long-lasting relationships with his clients. There are some clients with whom he’s had the privilege of working with for more than 20 years, forming that bond and helping people build their lives. 

Mark’s interest in economics began early in life. From the time he was young, he was always fascinated by the stock markets. At just 13 years old, his grandmother started him in investing, and his parents raised him with the mentality of “don’t spend everything you have, save some for later.”After completing his secondary education, Mark Kemp attended Texas A&M University, where he graduated in 1988 with his Bachelor of Science degree in Economics. Upon graduation, Mark entered the workforce directly and began servicing his clients’ financial needs. 

Outside of his robust career, Mark Kemp is an involved member of his community. His father was a Marine Corps Colonel and a jet pilot who served his country and instilled the same values of service in his children. As a result, Mark and his family have adopted service as part of their daily lives, living in such a way that they try to “walk the walk” rather than simply “talk the talk” of their Christian beliefs. He enjoys mentoring some of his younger peers in different facets he’s involved with, including a men’s ministry he belongs to where men learn how to be better husbands and fathers. He also incorporates his seasoned financial knowledge by teaching men better money habits for managing their family’s finances. 

For more information about Mark Kemp and some tips on personal finance, be sure to visit his blog page!