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3 Dividend Stocks to Buy in 2021
With all the commotion that has been $GME and other “meme” stocks, it gets exhausting to think about all the possibilities in the stock market. Instead of worrying about buying and selling at the right time, it’s worth it to set some money into dividend stocks that pay investors for holding them. There are many strong dividend contenders, but in the end, ¬†AT&T (NYSE:T), Pfizer (NYSE:PFE) and Intel (NASDAQ:INTC) are the winners as 2021 kicks off.

Playing off the 5G Future

AT&T has been beaten down recently as some investors see this as a company that might not have much to bring to the table anymore. However, AT&T has spent billions of dollars over the years to grow its 5G network. We are only at the tip of the ice burg with what 5G can do, leaving AT&T in a great spot to buy while paying out a safe, healthy annual dividend of 7.22%.

Pharma to Play a Bigger Role in 2021 and Beyond

Already one of the main Covid-19 Vaccine players, Pfizer controls a market cap of $204 billion, putting it towards the top of the list of US companies. Pfizer plays a huge role in pharmaceuticals already and the likelihood there will likely be a need for yearly Covid vaccinations boosts their outlook heavily. Analyst consensus on Pfizer is around $40 giving it some upside from its current price of $36. While the dividend yield of 4.24% isn’t as high as AT&T it promises consistent growth and a solid price to get in on.

An Old Friend From the Tech World

Intel has been around for over 50 years and has evolved to become the leader in microprocessors which are necessary for every computer and smartphone out there. They also manufacture storage devices and other equipment for Cloud computing which has accelerated in the past couple of years and looks to continue growing exponentially. While Intel is on the lower end with a dividend of 2.5%, this stock is picked because it is about as safe as they come with huge growth potential as we continue through the digital transformation.