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COVID-19 has thrown millions of people for a financial loop. With millions of people being furloughed or becoming unemployed, it makes sense to want to start keeping track and taking your finances into your own hands. Luckily, there are resources on the Internet you can take advantage of while you’re stuck at home to get yourself prepped for when business returns to normal, ranging from $29 to $40 for hours of learning.


The QuickBooks Master Class

QuickBooks Master Class is the go-to accounting program for small business owners. Living up to its name, enrolling in the program will get you up to speed with all things accounting in about seven hours. Between the coursework and over 70 videos to learn from, you’ll learn how to create and manage profit and loss statements, balance sheets, and customizable reports. You’ll also learn how to generate income and expense reports, as well as how to track all of the deductions from income, making for a far less stressful tax season.


The Stock Trader’s Ultimate Handbook 

If getting into stocks is more of your cup of tea, then consider getting into The Stock Trader’s Ultimate Handbook. Taking this program will both help you learn more about the stock market and assist in not only building your stock portfolio, but optimizing it. The Ultimate Handbook is especially useful for beginners dipping their toes into the stock market, as it has several guides specific toward amateurs and helping them along.


The Financial Planning Bundle

The Financial Planning Bundle has everything you need to learn about finances throughout six modules and 65 hours of training. Whether you’re a beginner in the finance industry or a professional freshening up, the Financial Planning Bundle walks you through the fundamentals of how to build a sound financial plan, how to start investment planning, and how to approach risk analysis. It’ll also go over insurance planning, retirement planning, employee benefits, taxation, and estate planning, offering something for everyone regardless of their prior expertise.