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Technology is evolving daily. Many applications have been developed to make lives easier. Nowadays, a smartphone is everything as it helps us connect to family and friends, attend formal or informal meetings, invest through different applications, and much more. The following are various investing applications.


Webull is a trading application operated on mobile phones and laptops. Its features are helpful to professional and advanced merchants. It’s designed efficiently to provide information that helps make profitable deals. Interim and operational merchants can save a good amount on commission. The application delivers several trading programs and has a demonstration trading account that shows how it works.


TradeStation provides a plenitude of informative resources to make clients more enhanced and wiser merchants. It has features that are slightly complicated but easy to use. The application allows merchants to exchange mutual funds, bonds, and cryptocurrency. Lastly, it provides commission-free investments and choices and has two options, TS GO and TS select.

TD Ameritrade

TD Ameritrade is a great application compared to Robinhood. It’s the greatest online application for stockbrokers providing more trading choices than Robinhood. In 2019, the application became commission-free, making it reliable. It can be operated from various devices and has features that make exploring investments and funding possibilities easier.


MooMoo is structured as a platform for precocious exchange and offers low fee benefits. It’s free and simple to use for novice and intermediate merchants. It has features that help make intelligent investment choices and a demonstration tool that shows how it functions. It’s used on different devices and permits investments when suitable. The application doesn’t need any form of savings to operate an account.

Interactive Brokers

This application is meant for daily investment, and there is a fee for inactive members. It has a per-share price; designed for those who want to improve their career with advanced features. The application provides the least investment fees. Its materials are easy to access and use. Besides, it offers different programs and deals with other benefits such as mutual funds, bonds, investments, and many more.

Investing online is now easier than before, thanks to the different applications. Make smart investment choices.