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In times of uncertainty, keeping life as stable and normal can be a great comfort. One of the most stabilizing things to take care of is your finances, as having a structure there can make life a little less stressful overall. Not everyone can afford an accountant to handle their finances, but with the Internet widely available, having one isn’t necessary to have financial success. There are plenty of courses online to teach you everything from the basics of financial planning to the specifics for certain fields of business. Here are just a few of the many courses at your disposal.


Just Money: Banking as if Society Mattered

Course Level: Introductory

This introductory course focuses on unconventional banks, known as “just banks”. These banks use finance to address social and ecological changes, and though small in number currently, the number of banks falling under this category is steadily growing. Over sixteen weeks, students will be able to learn about and understand the principles of just banking, as well as discover how finance is used by just banks for making environmental changes and ensuring societal well-being. Three to four hours a week should be dedicated to this coursework, and while free to enroll, a certificate for the course will cost $49.


An Introduction to Credit Risk Management

Course Level: Intermediate

Lending money is a risky business, and for banks who deal in loans, analyzing credit can mean the difference between getting back all the money you loaned out and, if the borrower defaults on the loan, not getting your money back at all. Credit risk management isn’t necessary for only bankers to know; however, other financial institutions, such as corporations, need to consider this as well. This course will give you the definition of credit risk, explain how credit ratings work, show you different credit risk models you can use, explain the importance of stress testing, and more. The course lasts about seven weeks, and students can expect to dedicate six to seven hours to the coursework provided.


Foundations of Modern Finance I

Course Level: Advanced

No one can start learning about something without having the foundations of the subject down. This two-part course covers just that, teaching its students the fundamentals of the financial field and how to apply this to businesses in valuation, investments, and corporate financial decisions. This course, offered through the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, lasts about twelve weeks, and students can expect to dedicate between ten and fourteen hours a week to the coursework. It’s free to take, but if you’d like a certificate for the completion of the course, it will cost $450. Enrollment starts on September 30, 2020.