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Years of disciplined planning lead up to the bittersweet transition to a slower-paced lifestyle. Retirement is a rewarding and fulfilling time. When the time comes, there is an overwhelming amount of information on where to settle down—factors to include the crime rate, weather, and cost of living, among plenty others. Choosing the right destination to kick back does not have to be stressful. Here is a compiled list of popular states to retire in the U.S.


Arizona has proven to be a popular destination thanks to its arid climate and breathtaking views. There are extra benefits to retiring here, like tax breaks. Residents enjoy an active outdoor lifestyle that includes visits to state parks and golf courses. There are plenty of activities to keep busy. It is easy to become inspired by Arizona’s rich Native American cultural presence. In particular, the niche has Scottsdale at the top of its list of best U.S. cities to retire.


Florida has managed to maintain its position at the top of most lists of best places to retire. The Sunshine State has a pleasant climate year-round. There are plenty of retirement communities, shopping spots, and beautiful beaches. Florida also has attractive tax breaks for retirees.

South Carolina

The Palmetto State is often chosen as a suitable locale. South Carolina has the mildly busy lifestyle of a bustling metropolis that has the allure of southern charm. Alongside the Atlantic Ocean sits peaceful beaches. There is plenty of shopping, and South Carolina boasts a lower than average cost of living. AARP mentions this state, among others having no tax on Social Security.


According to Forbes, three of Niche’s top ten cities to retire from are located in Texas, where the median home price is 21% below the national median. Its high appeal comes from its strong arts and music scene to contribute to the state’s popularity. Texas has a warm climate and beautiful landscapes. The Lone Star State is relatively affordable. Texas (along with six other states) does not tax earned income, according to Business Insider.

When it is no longer necessary to find a place with a short commute, the options are nearly limitless. Take a well-deserved sigh of relief as all the data and statistics start to make sense. Here is more information on signs to look for when choosing a retirement destination. The consensus is that retired Americans prefer an affordable location in a temperate climate with plenty to do to keep busy.