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Financial planners are there for you no matter what – but it’s not going to surprise you that there are some things that you could say to really catch their attention and excite them. So while chatting about the $6k floor repair you got done might be exciting to you, next time you’re seeing your planner you should break out one of these things.

“401k, IRA, BitCoin”

This isn’t an exhaustive list, but terms that show you’re taking an active role in your finances are excellent to break out. Take the time to do some research of your own and bring some ideas to your planner. Even if you don’t know what you’re bringing in, your planner will be excited to help you think about your options and explain what these new (or old) ideas are.

“Can I bring in my partner?”

Your spouse is your greatest asset in life, particularly in planning. Finance is a major influence in separations, so making sure you are on the same page as your partner is one of the best ways to help promote a healthy relationship. We are often raised to be less open about our financial status, so bringing that honesty and openness can be very helpful. Financial planners are not therapists, but every little bit helps.

“I have concerns”

Just like building a relationship with your partner, building a strong relationship with your financial planner requires openness and honesty. If you have a concern or two about the potential for failure, or ensuring you’re doing the ‘right thing,’ you should bring it up. This is exactly the kind of conversation that you should have with a planner – as long as you can do it calmly.


If you’re paying a financial planner to help you keep everything in order, you’ll want to be as honest and forthright as possible. You’ll want to be interested and eager to start, but also have a bit of caution. It’s a fraught territory, which is why these financial specialists exist. But as long as everyone is working towards a certain level of productivity, the relationship will grow into something wonderful.